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Her youth and beauty prove irresistible to everyone she encounters — agents, photographers, fashion designers, a skeevy Keanu Reeves, a skeevy Jena Malone, and even a rogue mountain lion.

Eyeball Chat allows you to communicate face-to-face over the Internet for free.Unfortunately, just like the schoolkids who initiated the tales, some of those adults take such rumors at face value and unquestioningly repeat them as fact, without verifying that anyone is actually engaging in whatever behavior the rumor du jour describes.Soon enough the public at large is reading alarming warnings about how schoolchildren all over the country are sporting sex bracelets and engaging in rainbow parties and partaking of jenkem, usually based on the word of some authority figure (a police representative or a physician or a psychologist or a school administrator) who “knows” this sort of thing is really happening despite never having encountered a documented case of it.What would he have to say about the experience of an image-conscious teen girl?Would a Refn film about fashion self-implode from its own stylishness?

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