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They use their prehensile tails to attach to seagrass while searching for prey, consisting mostly of planktonic crustaceans.The ribbon dragon is similar to the Rainbow Serpent depicted in ancient Aboriginal drawings that date back to 6,000 years ago.We invite you to come to our Sun City West Visitors Center when you come to Arizona.The Visitors Center greets more than 11,000 people every year, and is a partner with the Arizona Office of Tourism. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.Exclusively offered out of the Madison Base Area, these are semi-private group lessons, all capped at a maximum of 3 people per group.

Visitor Information The Multi-Animal Teaching Facility (map) has been designed to replace seventy year old barns on the OSU Animal Sciences farms.We weighed them every day, sometimes twice a day, and gave them medical attention as needed. NOTE: To watch this cam, you’ll need a Flash-enabled browser. After running for more than one year, we have turned our cheetah cam off. Despite its common name these animals are not true seadragons but rather pipefish.They live in the shallow tropical seas of Australia and Indonesia.

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