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Now available for home viewing, Lord of War is a must-see thanks to an on-form and witty-as-ever Cage, supported by strong performances from Leto and Hawke.When it was released at the turn of the millennium, more attention was paid to the two affair between leading stars, Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe, than the quality of the movie.It has long been a dream of many Anime fans to have a 24/7 cable channel featuring a constant feed of new Anime programs.While the Toonomi programming block on Cartoon Network came close, it was far from a 24/7 cable channel.(It usually seems around 50-plus people are broadcasting in the hashtag, but a lot of them are in complete darkness, so you can't actually see anything.Because, you know, they're sleeping.)Some teens sleep with light music on. And some, eerily, have the distinctive soft breathing sounds of sleep. I have asked other teens (or younger — I talked with kids as young as 10) why they use You Now, a real-time video broadcasting app. Do adults really ever have a better answer than "I was bored" for anything we do?

On its popular #sleepingsquad hashtag, I can see about 20 sleeping teens at any given time.

The film was so authentic, human rights group Amnesty International officially endorsed the film.

As well as containing an apt political message, the well-crafted plot and character insights carve a surprisingly astute black comedy.

If Meerkat and Periscope are competing for the eyeballs of news junkie adults on Twitter, You Now has already won with the hordes of young people who just want to hang out with each other.

Lately, I've been enjoying a deeply creepy yet technically totally innocent new activity: lying in bed at night and watching random teens sleep.

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